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Structuring Somnolence

sleep science technology as a medium for drawing with the body at rest



To all those interested in participating in the sleep science and art project:


I have arranged two information sessions to take place next week at UWA.


The purpose of these meetings is to engage in an open forum discussion about the work and to address any further questions that you may have regarding the project.


It is not necessary to attend both meetings. Please just select a day that works best with your schedule.


This meeting is for those people who were unable to make it to the meetings held at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art last weekend.


This will be the last chance to receive information about the project as I will be selecting the final four participants by the first week of October.


Thank you for your continued interest in the project and I look forward to meeting you all and discussing the work in person. Considering the conversations held last weekend, these upcoming meetings will surely be engaging.


Date: Tuesday 28  OR  Wednesday 29  September 2010

Time: 1-2 pm

Location: School of Anatomy and Human Biology Office, 1st floor


Directions and Contact Information:


Location on campus map:


The School of Anatomy and Human Biology
The University of Western Australia
35 Stirling Highway
CRAWLEY 6009 Western Australia

Telephone: (08) 6488 3290 

Structuring Somnolence

sleep science technology as a medium for drawing with the body at rest


 Volunteers wanted for research looking at Art and Sleep

Using sleep science technology to produce artwork with your brain and body while asleep


Have you ever wonder what you look like when you sleep? How about what your brain and body are doing while you’re unconscious? Ever imagine that you could produce artwork while you are sleeping?

Researchers are in search of volunteer participants who would like to be part of a study held at The University of Western Australia. The intended outcome of this project is the creation of works of art that come from data collected by the changing body positions of sleepers.


The study will be run by a masters student and a certified sleep technologist. The study involves sleeping at sleep laboratory, filling out a questionnaire, and being comfortable with your results being published and shown in a public exhibition.


Looking for:

·       two males and two females

·       age 18 years or older

·       no previous sleep issues or disorders

·       never been in a sleep study before

·       must be available to sleep in the laboratory 1 night a week over the course of 3 weeks in October 2010


By participating in this project you will help:

·       to solidify the connection and highlight the differences between the fields of science and art

·       engage in a scientific practice in which the goal is to provoke discussion rather than focus on problem solving

·       study the effects of external devices upon sleep positioning

·       use the body as a tool for art

·       present the public with the opportunity to gain access to a unique laboratory

·       question the limits and possibilities of the sleep science technology used today


There is no compensation for participating but taxi fare to and from the sleep laboratory will be provided.

Please forward this request on to anyone you think might be interested. To participate in this study, or if you would like further information, please contact:


Masters Student: Lisa Carrie Goldberg,

Supervisor: Dr. Ionat Zurr, 6488 7116,

Co-Supervisor: Professor Peter Eastwood,

School of Anatomy and Human Biology, The University of Western Australia

Ref: RA/4/1/4342

[Notice approved by:
   Human Research Ethics Committee,
   Research Services, University of Western Australia